Dude needs a serious tattoo upgrade because WOW his old one was so dorky.  What a nerd.  With his pokemon tattoo.  Geez.  Dweeb.

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Tavros is a very handsome minotaur indeed! #MinotaurMonday

Oh no who’s this jerk

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This is a very new breed of cat called a Lykoi cat that looks like little werewolves! I think these cuties might beat the Sphynx as my favorite cat now. 

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this is my whole life in 6 seconds

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Thank you random Wonder Trade dude for the shiny legendary deer thing.  Enjoy your Bidoof or whatever horrible thing I sent back at you!

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found by Inico (x)

new hydra model from WoD!

what an awesome looking beast, I think hunters might be getting spoiled ;)


Blizzard quickly making up for the travesties that were warrior tier 14, 15, and 16.

First warrior set I have liked since the stuff that came out of Dragon Soul.  Even better when you see the buzzsaws come out the shoulders.

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Steampunk Plague Doctor. Print. by Cthulhu-Great


//cats & boxes

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4th CM gold set done!  I think we might be getting good at this by now because we steamrolled them out over the course of a couple short evenings. The group comp this time was amazing with an OP monk tank making my healing job a million times easier, and two ele shamans and a warlock obliterating large packs of trash.

We decided to RP walk over to the Alliance shrine to show them our accomplishment, but they weren’t too impressed for some reason.

The last three pics are of my druids previous transmog, which the group got a kick out of and skymirrored so there was a small army of gimp-trolls running amok around the shrine.

They’re talking about making me tank the next set.  Eek. Monk or DK, hmm.

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You think that because I’m asexual and aromantic I’m heartless and incapable of human emotions.

That’s an extremely hurtful stereotype.

I’ll have you know that I’m heartless and incapable of human emotions because I’m actually a nightmarish cosmic horror.


Jim Henson’s Creature Challenge

The creature designers must re-imagine a Skeksis, the main villain of the Henson classic The Dark Crystal.

The Dark Crystal, and Jim Henson movies in general were always a massive part of my growing up so this ep had me super excited. Plus I have always dreamed of making a Skeksis costume. One day.


Sylvanas Windrunner by 黑色萬寳路


Source: http://gbp24.me/1eKc6Cp

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