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  • person: but if you're asexual AND aromantic, what DO you like?
  • me: money
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This crap gets old.  I think the best part is this ‘artist’s’ profile:

"My Passion is Art I wake up everyday and draw the images i have on my mind . I Have a really great passion in Animation . Im currently working on a Manga aswell . My sole purpose of drawing now is to have my art creations being worn by others who love something new & fresh that they might not see in a store . Thats what i think i can bring with my art on this site ."

More like passion is making money off other people’s work. Hope this sleezebag hasn’t profited on all that stolen art.\

Who wants to help me track down all the art this person stole and get their ass banned off redbubble?

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what a beautiful day to not be in high school

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doctor-stein ‘s Kill la Kill Stein is now my lock-screen on my phone. It is pure amazingness.

Ahaha awesome.  Why you would constantly subject yourself to such a terrifying image is beyond me, though!

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That spinny propeller thing on the Tumblr logo is driving me crazy.  I keep thinking it’s a loading icon or something.

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i’m like an npc i won’t do anything unless you interact with me

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Father Vincent

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And here’s that pic from the last reblog, without the reblogs to stick in my art tag. Seriously fandom, this meme has been out forever and I don’t think anyone has hopped on the opportunity? I am disappointed! …and because of that you have to deal with a snake.  Haw haw haw.

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"Be my son, Daniel"

by: fedoracat


I got it!!! Made by


thejudge I hope this is good enough =3

everything I ever wished for, and more. You should make a separate post just for it.

perry the platypus was the best though tbh


Ask and ye shall receive!

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Bats illuminated by lightning

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Hm, you still got that Keeper of Secrets pic we did somewhere on your computer?

Why yes I do.

Yeah this was a collab between Doc and I way back when; he did the pencilwork, and I did the inking. This was before I started refining my inking and not being so overboard with shading and adding a shitload of tiny useless details.

There it is!  I did the pencils for this one a million years ago and Slim somehow managed to figure out what I drew and did the magic with inks. 2006, geez.

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Phantom Ganon.

I used to draw. A lot. Like, constantly, as Doc could attest to. My primary medium was pencil and inking pens, and while I never felt my drawings were ever very good, I was (and still am) proud of my inking. Shadows and textures were something I was very good at, and I think I focused on them a bit too much and it may have stunted my growth as a result. There’s a bunch of bad anatomy in this drawing, for instance, which was always my weak point. Things came out too stiff.

I don’t draw anymore, and I haven’t really done anything in probably two years, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget how to ink. And, well, I still have this to look back on as something. The Forest temple was my favorite temple in Ocarina of Time, with the boss being especially memorable for me. Originally done as part of an art contest on the OCremix forums.

Oh hey there’s some art I haven’t seen in forever! Slim’s a RL bro of mine and the guy used to do some kick ass ink drawings back in the day. Seriously the guy had so much more patience than I did when it came to a drawing.  He posted up a few of his pics on his tumblr; Castlevania, Zelda, Metroid and OC stuff. Check em out and convince him he needs to do more again!

—hey, I see that mouse over text!

Hm, you still got that Keeper of Secrets pic we did somewhere on your computer?

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Happy (late) birthday, doctor-stein

I’ve been wanting to draw this guy for a while, your birthday gave me an excellent excuse. Thank you for being an awesome artist and inspiration. <3

Heh heh, thank you so much for the awesome pic and kind words! That came out great and he looks delightfully crazed~

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deanfalls said:


Huh? It wasn’t me, I swear.  That body was there before I got here, honest.