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Registration is Open!



Click here to join!

Just throwing this out there for any followers who may be interested in joining this silly little dragon breeding/collecting game I’ve wasted so much time on! It’s free and the registration windows have been short and with months between them, so hop on while you can! 

PS. Plague flight is awesome and my username on there is Doc (User ID #13510). 

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The bat Pokemon by request. (Sorry, this is all I could find..)



I got me the Pokemans X game and my panda guy grew up and I thought he looked really cool.  With it being this huge manly pokemon my Team Rocket OC dude would have one on his team and force it to share his horrible fashion sense, no doubt.

Two Star Uniform: Mako Mankanshoku

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He’s wearing more clothes than usually

I…  I didn’t know this was something that needed to exist until now.

And now I really think all the faction leaders need their own Kamuis as well. Yes, even Galliwix and Mekkatorque.

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Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge: Skesis Exiles


Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge: Skesis Exiles


Week two of SyFy’s newest addition to their reality show line up, Brian Henson’s Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. (Yes, we can make the title more unweildy!) Our nine fresh faced and brightly scrubbed designers wander into the shop to find Skesis hanging out in the workroom.


Gigi and Brian arrive to tell them the obvious–this is a Skesis Challenge. He makes sure to fill in some of the…

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Really enjoying this show but the artist in me would really love a more in depth look at the creation process with the creatures and less drama, a bit more like they tend to focus on with Face Off.

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New draenei model!


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Told you guys, that lady nelf model was trash and its not making it to live.

Just spreading the word for people who have seen the Datamined Female Night Elf model here floating around. I honestly didn’t think it was too bad, but it was clear it was a bit rougher than the others and could use some tweaking.

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Artcraft Update:  Male Taurens (x)

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I love orcs a lot

But I’m so tired of orcs

I’m so tired of big beefy orc men

Jesus fucking christ

Same here.  I’m not as excited about this Xpac as I could have been mainly because HEY MORE ORCS. “We know you just spent a whole patch with Orcs, and a lot of the last Xpac dealing with an orc being a giant douchebag and his douchebag orc army, so to celebrate have more orcs, and that orc guy being a giant douchebag again with another douchebag orc army!”

Blegh.  That said though there is still a lot more I am looking forward to.  The lore and setting just isn’t part of that. I just really really really hope the whole Xpac isn’t just ‘Orcs doing Orc things’.

Heck, even as a 100% horde player I REALLY think Alliance needs some time to shine as some kind of major race/lore thing for a change. I also want my Conqueror of Stormwind title plz and thank you.

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how is this the first time ive seen this video

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