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Why yes, thank you ‘fuckyeahhairlesscats’ blog. Seeing chicks in lingerie on my dash is EXACTLY the reason why I followed your blog, which is specifically about hairless cats and pictures of such things.

I wanna see naked cats, not practically naked women, thanks.

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Been keeping up with the recent Who, and I have to admit I really really like Capaldi’s version of the Doctor. He’s like this grouchy, cynical professor who hasn’t quite got a grasp on human behavior, like manners. He really plays up the intellectual, sciency side of him too and it’s great. Also his Tardis desktop is wonderful, like a weird old library.

The episodes so far have been pretty good too, but it’s Capaldi’s acting (and Clara being an actual character for a change!) that makes up for the handful of weird inconsistencies Moffat has thrown into his writing in the series so far.

Good stuff.  Now if only Donna would come back as a companion.  The dynamic between these two would be amazing.

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Ugh I think I fucked up hardcore. Not sure how I feel about the fur color and my stupid ass went and put a black wash ALL OVER THE DAMN MODEL. Wash is still drying but I think I may have accidentally killed that nice “warmth” the gold had. Think I may just strip the model and start over again. FML.

Given Skaven are usually pretty grimy and dirty I don’t think the black wash looks too bad on the gold, but you could always try a bit of careful drybrushing to try and make the gold color pop a bit more! 

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only god can help us now

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WIP Painting shots of my Skaven Warlord, Rakkit-Ear. I’ll type out more about him whenever I can be bothered to finish painting him. :P

Totally digging that chainsword-spear conversion cuz that just looks painful.  Warlock-augmented weapon?  Might have to steal the idea for one of my dudes.

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Cloaks #7 and #8! My last three 90’s are pretty far behind— on the Secrets of the Empire stage, so I dunno if they’ll get their’s before the prepatch drops. Ah well, not really rushing anyways!

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Bat Wing Fan on Etsy

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I’ve been sitting on this for weeks but a bunch of rad refs have popped up on my dash in the past few days and it drove me to finish it. I’m so inconsistent with really super minor aspects of his armor and stuff so I wanted something solid and final.

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cat vs leaves

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  • Romantic sexual: Hot, single, & ready to mingle
  • Aromantic sexual: Cool, fresh, & ready to mesh
  • Romantic asexual: Warm, subtle, & ready to cuddle
  • Aromantic asexual: Already pretty comfortable
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By からば子
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