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More gamer nerding!

Went out to the local game shop yesterday, as I tend to every wednedsay. Managed to finish up a few of my Skaven while I was there: the first rank of some clanrats.  I also finished basing the first 10 of my Skavenslaves with spears. Now I only have a million more to go! On top of that I put some undead hookers together (not terribly exciting), landed me a couple commissions from the Commission Guy, including aSeamus which I have been fiending to paint up since I first saw the model.

But I think the best thing was that I landed a beautiful Confrontation box set, all metal. There’s this one guy at the shop that has a habit of impulse buying a ton of stuff, and then he turns around and gives it away.  It’s kinda crazy, but he randomly gave me the box set cause I was so interested in it.  I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of the Confrontation line of models; they are some of the most gorgeous I have seen and I was quite sad when the company went under. Wish I had bought more when they were more easily available, but at least I managed to get a small collection, mostly of the really nice Wolfen models.

I also played my first ever malifaux game Monday, as my buddy offered up a demo.  It was me with McMourning (aren’t you shocked?) vs. his new Kaeris box set, and while he won, he said I played really well, so that’s kinda awesome. I enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to playing more when I can not be such an introvert.

I do, however, have a Warhmmer Fantasy game planned for next week with one guy, 3K worth of Skaven vs. his Ogres.  I dunno how well it will go since I haven’t played in a long long time, but should be fun regardless.

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  2. slimnoid said: I wasn’t joking about you playing well, dude! You did exceptionally well for your first game—by the end of it I had 2 guys on the field and you were still perfectly fine. McMourning’s a jerk >:E
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